Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fatal Rage.

"Formed in 1981, FATAL RAGE was the hardest, fastest, and most outrageous of the "Shorecore" bands. Fronted by the outspoken Jack Monahan (Jacko), the RAGE soon got a reputation for wild performances and terrorizing unsuspecting clubs with performances that immediately turned into nonstop slamfests. They had no problem finding an audience - the problem was finding a place to play."

Jack later went on to sing in the band DIRGE. A crossover band from Jersey which rules as well. I might make a post about them soon.

I love this band. great, fast, catchy, early Jersey Hardcore. I've been listening to this quite a bit lately.

Fatal Rage-Fatal Rage
3.Jump And Die
4.Die Lady Die
5.Fatal Mistake
7.Copy Bands
8.I'm Appalled
11.Kick That Kicker

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