Tuesday, May 27, 2008


is the new song from Bitter End that will be out on their new 7". The riff in the first fast part sounds awesome, then with back vocals (Pretty sure its Griff singing that) make this song sound so pissed off and heavy. The break at 4:50 is hard as nails. I'm dying to hear this live. They play the style of music they want to do well. Five minutes of Hardcore the way it should be, Hard.

You can download the Deathwish Summer Sampler below that has the new Bitter End song and new and unreleased songs from some of the Deathwish/Malfunction releases of the year. Bands included: Killing The Dream, Blacklisted, Cold World, Reign Supreme, Narrows, Trap Them, The Carrier, Life Long Tragedy, Meltdown, Shipwreck a.d., and Pulling Teeth.




blog post. Awesome.